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payroll services   /  New Assignment Category Information


To clearly identify particular groups of employees, affiliated employees and trainees by establishing specific assignment categories for each. A complete description of the new assignment categories may be found in the You and UAB Handbook.

The chart below shows the current categories and the new categories, as well as the job titles approved for both.

Current Assignment Categories

New Assignment Categories

Affected Job Titles

 04 Irregular Trainees

 06 Student Trainees

 46 Trainee

X141.Athletic Scholar

ZM1101N0.Division   Occasional  Award

ZM204E0.Non-UAB Student/Trainee

ZZZ8.Graduate Student Trainee

 04 Irregular - Affiliated Employee  Zero Pay

 59 Affiliate Employee

AG901E0.UA System Employee (For Central Administration use only)

Z010001.Oracle Access Only


Transition into the new assignment categories is planned for Saturday, May 24, 2014.


Individuals will be moved from the current assignment category into the new assignment category systematically.  The Access Control Form and WAM have been modified to incorporate and accommodate these changes. 

Trainees Points of Interest:

  1. No changes were made to Post-Doctoral Scholar Trainee (Assignment Category 20).
  2. Assignment Category 06 Student and 04 Irregular will no longer be valid for Trainee assignments.
  3. Trainee job titles (see chart above) and positions will only be available for Assignment Category 46 Trainee.
  4. When changing from 06 Student/04 Irregular Employee to 46 Trainee or 46 Trainee to 06 Student/04 Irregular Employee, the assignment category must be changed on the ACT Transfer Lateral Same/Different Department document.
  5. The process for appointing Division Occasional Awards (Assignment Category 99) will not change.

Affiliated Employee/Oracle Access Only Items of Interest:

  1. When appointing an individual into the "Oracle Access Only"  job title (Assignment Category 59), use the New Hire, Rehire or Additional Assignment ACT Document Reason.
  2. Individuals can not be transferred into an Assignment Category 59.
  3. Completion of the Salary and Labor Source forms is no longer required to submit the document.
  4. Schools and Colleges information is currently required
  5. The HR Records Administration - Data Verification Request Form is a required attachment for HR Records' approval of the ACT document.
  6. Individuals appointed to an Assignment Category 59 are not eligible for payments made through UAB Payroll Services.
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