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Controller's Office   /  Processes Debit Memos

Processing Debit Memos

Oracle: In Oracle, debit memos are similar to credit memos in that they are entries that cause a reduction in an amount paid on an invoice; but unlike a credit memo that is created by the vendor a debit memo is created by Accounts Payable and is not approved by the vendor. Some of the reasons that debit memos are created are when all items on an invoice are not received; the invoiced price of item exceeds the contract price for that item; or freight is charged when it is contractually not allowed. Debit memos are created at the instruction of the computer system, a buyer, or a department.

Lawson: Debit memos are not used in Lawson as the Lawson system interprets a debit memo as an instruction to pay an increased amount. Therefore, Accounts Payable uses the Lawson credit memo process to achieve the objective of a debit memo.

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