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purchasing   /  Oracle Payment Request

Oracle Payment Request

The Oracle Payment Request is used to process payments not handled by an Oracle Purchase Order (travel, consultant fees, contract payments, refunds, etc.).

The Oracle Payment Request process is made up of a series of payment types based on the expenditure.  A listing of the current payment types and allowable object codes for each payment type can be found here.

All Oracle Payment Request require documentation. Documentation varies with each payment request type, however, proof of payment or an invoice showing the amount owed is always required.

Note: A vendor statement, packing slip, delivery ticket, or quote is not acceptable for an invoice.

To generate an Oracle Payment Request
The Oracle Payment request is entered into the system via the UB FN Document/Entry Approval Oracle or Requisition Input responsibility.

Approval of an Oracle Payment Request
All Oracle Payment Requests require at least two approvals at the department/school level before the system will forward to the appropriate Central Support. The first level of Central Support approval is based on the payment type. Central Support approval for a Payment Request can be Accounting Services, the Accountant, or Student Accounting. The dollar amount as well as the object code may require additional levels of Central Administration approval. When all reviews and approvals are made, the request is sent to Accounts Payable.  A check is generated the night of complete approval.

The Oracle Payment Request Number
The Oracle Payment Request number is a seven (7) digit number generated by the Oracle system unique to the Payment Request. The Payment Request number is generated at the Requestor level and must be used for all documentation applicable to the request.

The Oracle Payment Request Documentation
All Payment Requests (with the exception of SUBJECT_FEES) require supporting documentation.  A bar code page is used to scan the required documentation.  The bar code page is created at the Requestor lever when the Payment Request is entered into the system. The bar code page, along with applicable supporting documentation (receipts, invoices, contracts, agreements etc.) must be faxed to Central Scanning (fax number 6-4701). The documentation that is faxed to Central Scanning is automatically loaded into Optidoc.

Payment of an Oracle Payment Request
A check is processed the night of complete approval. All checks are mailed with the exception of those that list a call extension.  Those checks are avaiable at 9:00 am the following day in General Accounting (AB 560) for pick-up.  An email will be sent to the requestor indicating that a check is ready for pick-up.

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