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Controller's Office   /  Invoice Approval Notifications

Invoice Approval Notifications

Upon entry of a purchase order invoice, an Oracle notification is sent to the ordering department. The notification provides the invoice number and date, purchase order number and a listing of all items, quantities, and prices of the items billed. The type of approval notification is based on the purchase order unit price of each item billed on the invoice. The notification allows a department to approve payment or they may withhold payment by typing a valid reason for non-payment in the text-box provided on the form and clicking the appropriate button. If a reason for non-payment is not entered into the text box, the notification will automatically return to the departmental work queue.

  • Positive Approval - A positive approval report is issued for any purchase order item that has a purchase order unit price of $10,000.00 or greater. It is called a "Positive Approval" because it requires a positive action by the department before any payment can be made.

  • Negative Approval - A Negative Approval Message explains that an invoice has been processed for payment and will be paid on the date indicated unless there is an acceptable reason the ordering department wishes to withhold payment. If the ordering department agrees that the invoice should be paid, then payment can be approved from the Oracle worklist. If the requestor of the purchase order requisition does not respond, payment will automatically occur on the scheduled date.

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