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Controller's Office   /  Invoice Look Up

Invoice Look Up

In Oracle use the AP End User responsibility.
Navigate to Invoices - > Inquiry - > Invoices
This will open the Find Invoices form.

How you locate an invoice is dependent on the information you have. The Find Invoices form is seperated into six different sections to limit the information returned.

The sections of Find Invoices form and their uses are:

  1. Supplier - Use to enter supplier or purchase order information.
  2. Invoice - Use to enter invoice information such as invoice number or amount.
  3. Invoice Status - Use to limit the returns by specifying the status of the invoice.
  4. Holds - Use to limit the returns by specifying hold information on the invoice.
  5. Voucher Audit - Not in use by UAB.
  6. Invoice Template - Used for recurring invoices.

After entering the information you have into the Find Invoices form, click on the Find button. All invoices meeting the criteria you specified in the Find Invoices form will be displayed in the Invoices form. Therefore, the more information you can enter into the Find Invoices form, the fewer returns that will be displayed in the Invoices form.

Invoices entered by Accounts Payable are imaged in the OptiDoc AP_Batch collection. The index field is Batch Number. To find the batch number, locate your invoice in Oracle (see How do I find my invoce?) and click on the Overview button. When the Invoice Overview screen is displayed, the batch number will be visable in the BATCH NAME field in the upper left quadrant of the form.

Payment Request are imaged in the Oracle Payment Request collection. The indices are Payment Request Number, Document Type, and GL Date.

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