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purchasing   /  Purchase Order Exception List

Purchase Order Exception List

Certain types of payment request transactions normally do not require a purchase order number prior to the receipt of goods or services. A list of typical examples when the Payment Request process may be used to pay an invoice is provided below.

UAB will assume no legal liability for commitments to vendors made by individuals without prior approval by UAB Procurement. The Payment Request should not be used to request payment for supplies/services that would normally require a UAB Purchase Order. Transactions not handled according to the established policies and procedures set forth in this manual will not be processed and will be returned to the requestor and the individual making the purchase will be responsible for reconciling with the vendor.

UAB will reimburse UAB employees for incidental purchases up to $1,500.00. Incidental items must be purchased from an approved contract provider when available. Click here for a list of current contract providers.  The intent of this guideline is to provide a purchasing process for items that can't be purchased through the Oracle purchase order system due to an emergent situation. An Oracle Payment Request should be submitted to reimburse individuals for allowable incidental purchases. In the case of an emergency when the purchase may exceed $1,500.00, contact the Director of Procurement Contracts to obtain pre-approval prior to making the purchase. The Director of University Purchasing will make every effort to assist you in an emergency situation. Requisitions that exceed $1,500.00 without pre-approval from the Director of Procurement Contracts may not be honored and the employee will not be reimbursed. The following goods or services normally do not require pre-approval by the Director of University Purchasing or a Purchase Order Number and can be paid for using a Payment Request.

Employment, bid advertisements, etc. to be placed in Journals, Periodical, and Newspapers
(Note that all advertisements for staff positions must be coordinated through HR.)

Aircraft parts billed directly to us but covered under the maintenance contract

Animal Resources
Animals only

Emergency purchases made out of town for food, clothing, equipment, car rental, hotel, etc.

Banquets & Catering
Functions sponsored by UAB

Blood & Blood Products

Book orders with itemized attachments for identification

Acquisition for resale (Supplies and equipment for departmental operations require purchase orders.)

Conferences & Seminars
Meeting room(s) booked at a hotel with audio-visual and/or presentation equipment on behalf of UAB

Conference Fees
Fees required for UAB employees to register for conferences

Consulting or Independent Contractor Fees
Individuals hired to perform as a contractor or consultant, who charge an approved fee

Continental Water System
Deionized water contract

Copying and duplicating services provided off site

Creative Photography
Creative Services photography items

Credit Reporting
Merchant's Credit or any type of credit reporting

Critical Care
Out-of-town ambulance service
Aircraft maintenance covered by contract
Aircraft fuel and service/billed to UAB credit card

Credit Cards
Gasoline purchases for University vehicles

Patient-billed items

Dues and Memberships
Annual dues or membership fees for UAB employees

Drug Testing
Pre or post employment for all departments

Elevator Services
Elevator services not currently on contract

Emergency Purchases (out of town)
Food, clothing, equipment, car rental, hotel, etc. Emergency purchases pre-approved by Purchasing staff on a case-by-case basis.

Emergency Airfare
Airfare purchased in an emergency only!

Emergency Repairs
Emergency repairs after hours; time & brief explanation required

Facilities Planning Department
Payment of blue print services

Freight charged for purchases that are not f. o. b. destination or overnight delivery charges and express mail.

Fuel for state-owned vehicles (Note that fuel should be purchased from an approved State contract provider based on location and volume).

Incidental Purchases
Individual reimbursement for emergent incidental purchases not to exceed $1,500.00

Insurance Payments

Lease/Rent of Real Estate
Lease/Rent of Real Estate

Library Acquisitions
Books, periodicals, etc. (Supplies and equipment for department operations require purchase orders.)

Routine equipment maintenance and repair

Medical Gases (Cylinder and Bulk) 

Annual membership dues in scientific/academic organizations/societies

Lenses, frames & other patient-billed items

Organ Procurement
Organ Procurement

Payment of Shared Copier Services to Health Services Foundation
(MIST Dept. to HSF)

Patient Refunds
Any monies refunded to a patient

Payroll Salary & Wages
Temporary or irregular payroll

Petty Cash
Petty cash reimbursement

Photographic Film and Slide Processing Costs
Photographic film and slide processing

Metered postage

Printing, Engraving, etc.
Printing, engraving, etc. for small custom items not requiring competitive bid, such as invitations, announcements, trophies, plaques, or promotional items (pencils, T-shirts, buttons, etc.)

Any royalties due to a UAB employee

Software Licenses
Site licenses or annual license renwals of non-standard/specialized software.  Not for use with standard "off the shelf" sofware.

Speech & Hearing Clinic
Hearing aids, molds, hearing aid repairs, and other patient billed items

Student Refunds
Any refunds due to a student

Subscription, Journals, Periodicals and Book Renewals
Invoice usually accompanies notice

Tax, Title, and License/Fees
Autos, etc.

Public functions only

Utility payments

Ledger 9 Account Nos.

Agency fund

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