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purchasing   /  Lawson Purchase Orders

Lawson Purchase Orders

The Lawson Purchase Order is an obligation of UAB Hospital funds for goods and services.

Purchase Orders are issued after review for adherence to UAB Hospital purchasing policy and applicable State laws governing the procurement process.

The review and approval process is generally completed within four days of receipt of the request in Hospital Purchasing.

Upon approval the purchase order is assigned in Lawson. Purchase Orders are generally faxed to the requestor or transmitted via EDI.

To Generate a Lawson Purchase Order
The Lawson Purchase Order is entered into the system via the Requisitions screen.

Approval of a Lawson Purchase Order
All Lawson Requisitions require at least two approvals at the department level before the system will forward to Procurement Contracts. All Requisitions for Special Items are routed to Procurement Contracts. The system routes for appropriate review and approval based on account number. When all reviews and approvals are made, the requisition is complete and a Purchase Order number is generated.

The Lawson Purchase Order Number
The purchase order number is an eight (8) digit number generated by the Lawson system unique to the order.

Issue Method for a Lawson Purchase Order
Purchase orders are generally faxed to the requestor or transmitted via EDI.  Listed below are the other two issue methods the Requestor may select from:

Paper - A hard copy of the Lawson Purchase Order will be mailed by Procurement Contracts the next business day following final approval.
Fax - A fax copy of the Lawson Purchase Order will be transmitted to the requestor. Orders are never faxed directly to the vendor from Lawson.
EDI -An electronic data interchange of the PO is transmitted to the vendor. Only vendors with EDI as their Purchase From location can receive EDI transmissions.

Check Enclosed Purchase Order
This is a minimum two day process after approval. A Requisition must be generated, and complete with a Lawson Purchase Order number. A hard copy of the Lawson Purchase Order is printed; adjustments and re-approvals are processed by Accounting Services. It is then hand carried to Accounts Payable to process a check.

Lawson Purchase Order Payments
All payments for Lawson Purchase Orders are processed by Accounts Payable.

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