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purchasing   /  Travel Forms

Travel Forms

An Employee Intra-State Travel or an Employee Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Request should be filed by the traveler for each UAB employee business trip.  The purpose of the travel form is to document the full cost of the employee business trip, to identify that portion which is not being funded by UAB, and to request only the remaining amount due from UAB.  Travel reimbursement requests are done online using the Oracle Payment Request (using the UAB FN Document Entry/Approval responsibility or the UAB Requisition Input responsibility).

Employee Travel Reimbusement Request forms should never be used for independent contractor travel, prospective employee travel, trainee travel, or other non-employee travel.

Under any of the accountable travel plans, the travel reimbursement request must be filed timely, be accurate, be reasonable, and cover only UAB costs actually incurred by the traveler.  Travel reimbursement requests are usually not filed until after the trip; however, in the case of exceptionally lengthy trips, interim filings may be permitted (and in some cases may be required per IRS regulations).  For an accountable travel plan, the IRS defines timely as within 60 days of the date that the expenses were incurred.  Travel reimbursement requests beyond the 60 day period will be denied, unless:

  1. The documentation includes special approval by the applicable Dean (if it is going to be paid by either a school), Hospital Finance (if it is going to be paid by the Hospital), or the applicable Executive (if not being paid by either a school or the Hospital) authorizing special payment to the employee even though the 60 day deadline has passed; and
  2. Payment will be made as W2 reportable employee compensation paid via nonrecurring element on an Oracle ACT document.

The traveler must sign the "Signature of Traveler" line of the travel reimbursement request certifying the conditions and terms of reimbursement.  Another individual may not sign on behalf of the traveler.  Employee travelers should be careful, because even if someone else assists the traveler with completion of the form, the traveler is still personally responsible for the truth and accuracy of the information reflected on the form.

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