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Policies   /  Policies & Guidelines

Policies & Guidelines are updated routinely and departments should NOT bookmark or print a specific version.

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Policy/Guideline Name Category Department Used for Format
Bank Accounts - Treasury PDF
Business Meals - Fin/Aff PDF
Cash Receipts Policy - Accounting PDF
Contracting - Financial Affairs
Cost Sharing Policy - Accounting PDF
Cost Transfers FAQs - Grants PDF
Cost Transfers Policy - Accounting PDF
Direct Costs Policy - Accounting PDF
Disposition of Equipment - Equipment
Documentation - Fin/Aff PDF
Effort Reporting - Cost
Employee Moving - Fin/Aff
Endowment Expenditure Guidelines - Accounting
Entertainment - Fin/Aff
Equipment Accountability - Equipment
Equipment Acquisition - Equipment PDF
Establishing A Subrecipient Agreement - Grants PDF
Ethics - Fin/Aff PDF
Expenditure Approvals - Accounting PDF
Faculty Retreats - Fin/Aff
Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy - Student PDF
Federally Titled Property Policies and Procedures - Grants PDF
FLSA Biweekly Compensable Time Policy - Payroll While many subjects provided on these fact sheet are of interest, the main reason we provide it is in relation to biweekly travel away from home.
Gifts - Accounting
Grant Closeout Guidelines - Financial Affairs PDF
Guest Speaker Travel - Fin/Aff MSWORD
Guidelines for Payroll Deduction Request - Payroll Occasionally, we will receive a request for a new deduction. These are guidelines for this type of request. PDF
Hospital Equipment Capitalization Policy - Equipment PDF
Institutional Policy - Financial Affairs
Institutional Refund Policy - Student PDF
Licenses and Certification - Fin/Aff This document contains a current listing of all approved licenses/certifications that UAB will pay for. PDF
Mandatory Direct Deposit Policy - Payroll All UAB employees are required to use direct deposit. Payroll Services will mail the first check if the banking information has not been provided. The second disbursement is held in Payroll Services until information is provided. Once the information is received, the payment is either mailed to the employee or released to the employee if they are using our self-service computers. PDF
Memberships and Dues - Fin/Aff PDF
Miscellaneous Unrestricted Accounts - Budget Those accounts that have salary activity of over $50,000 and/or have any activity greater than $100,000 may be changed to a budgeted account. PDF
NRA Tax Policy and Procedure Guide - Payroll The Tax Policy and Procedure Guide for Income Payments to Alien Individuals was developed by UAB's Alien Tax Compliance Committee to improve compliance with tax law. The Guide is not intended to provide individual tax advice. For individual tax advice, alien individuals must consult a tax professional. PDF
Out of Cycle Payment Guidelines - Payroll Under restricted reasons, departments may follow this guideline to request a payment on behalf of an employee outside the normal and extra payroll cycles. PDF
Overpayment Policy - Payroll The University has a defined policy and procedure regarding the overpayment of compensation and the process for collections. The non-collection of trainee payments are also mentioned in this policy. PDF
Personal Benefit - Accounting PDF
Petty Cash Fund Procedure - Accounting
Position Control - Budget Positions in Oracle HR PDF
Professional & Consulting Contracting Policy - Financial Affairs PDF
Registration for Bid Process Guidelines - Equipment PDF
Requesting A Change to Primary Object Code - Accounting PDF
Requesting Change to Oracle Org Code - Accounting PDF
Scholarship/Fellowship Payment Guidelines - Payroll Payment procedures relating to scholarships and fellowships PDF
Service Center Procedures - Accounting
Student Fica Exemption Policy - Payroll This policy determines the eligibility for exemption of FICA for student employees PDF
Submitting Subrecipient Invoices for Payment - Grants PDF
Subrecipient Policy - Grants PDF
Surplus Auction Guidelines - Equipment PDF
Surplus Warehouse Policy and Procedure - Equipment PDF
The University of Alabama System Board Manual - Financial Affairs
Transferring Ownership of UAB Property - Equipment PDF
Travel - Fin/Aff
UAB American Express Cards - Fin/Aff PDF
Unapplied Checks - Accounting This document contains a listing of unapplied checks as of September 2018
Unapplied Wires - Accounting This document contains a listing of unapplied wires as of September 2018
Uniforms - Fin/Aff PDF
University Equipment Capitalization Policy - Equipment PDF
Visa Participant Incentive Debit Card Program - Accounting
You & UAB Handbook - Payroll Payroll Services often refers employees to different sections of the employee handbook. Benefit Eligibilty Chart on page 19.Vacation Accrual Rates on page 27. Section 5 - Compensation Information starting on page 52 which includes topics such as: shift differentials, "stand by" pay, 24 Hour Duty, On-Call pay, and overtime hours.
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