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Contracts & Vendor Compliance   /  New Supplier/Vendor Set Up

In order to purchase goods (PO Requisition) or pay for goods and services (Payment Request), an individual or entity must be an active UAB supplier in the Oracle Administrative System. Instructions for searching for an active UAB supplier may be found here.

Before completing the "POUAB New Supplier Barcode" form, the following should be obtained from the prospective supplier:

Completed Tax Form

  • Form W-9 (Form required to set up an individual who is a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien, legal entity created or organized in the U.S. or under the laws of the U.S., an estate (other than foreign estate) or a domestic trust (as defined in Regulations section 301.7701-7) as a UAB supplier
  • Form W-8 (Form required to set up foreign individuals or entities as a UAB supplier. The most common Form W-8 is the W-BEN for use by foreign individuals and Form W-BEN-E for use by foreign entities. If prospective vendor does not believe either of the "BEN" forms is appropriate, they should determine which of the other Forms W-8 is appropriate. (i.e. Form W-8CE, Form W-8ECI, Form W-8EXP or Form W-8IMY).)

Supplier Name

  • If check is to be payable to an entity other than what is reported on the tax form, additional documentation is required*

Purchase Order Address (Order From Address)

  • If check is to be payable to an entity other than what is reported on the tax form, additional documentation is required.*

Fax Number

Phone Number

Payment Address (Remit to Address)

  • If the address is different than what is reported on the tax form, additional documenation is required.*

Fax the following documents to Optidoc (205) 996-4701 to request a new UAB supplier:

*Accepted forms of additional documentation include:

  • Communication from prospective supplier
  • Current invoice


  • The New Supplier Barcode must be the first document in the Optidoc submission
  • The requestor's email address should be included in the "UAB Dept Contact Name" or "UAB Dept Contact Phone Num" field of the New Supplier Barcode.
  • All prospective and current vendors are subject to TIN matching and Visual Compliance review before creating/updating supplier records.
  • ".com" supplier request are subject to review by University Purchasing
  • To request a vendor be added to Lawson, "Lawson" must be written in on the New Supplier Barcode
  • Prospective or current vendors that should be added/updated in Lawson must be approved by University Purchasing
  • No tax form or documentation including the prospective or current supplier's tax identification number should be sent to an email address

Supplier request submitted through Optidoc are monitored throughout the day. Should there be questions or additonal documentation requirements, the requestor will be contacted within 24 hours of receipt of the request. Requestors will receive email notification once the new/updated supplier request is complete.

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